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tv   Headline News  RT  May 3, 2013 7:00am-7:44am EDT

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the past reluctance of the two outs took on the seaward rebels takes a sudden a u. turn stoking fears of foreign intervention the conflict. that euro skeptic movement in britain continues on its outboard trajectory of the u.k. independence policy fetishist second at yet another byelection establishing itself as a major force to be reckoned with. and as the un says more than seven hundred people were killed in violence in iraq last month look into how ordinary people are dealing with possibility with possibly rather one of the country's worst crisis in recent history.
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international news live from moscow this is the with me here hello and welcome to the program. oceans now officially can see during the season revels of forty five for two years that's according to defense secretary chuck hagel the dramatic twist comes just days after u.s. officials claimed they had confirmed intelligence pointing to the use of chemical weapons by the sequined regime she's going to latest now from washington. at the administration has been reluctant to arm the rebels directly old though its allies have been doing that for the past two years there have been persistent reports of increasing radicalization of anti assad forces you have an al qaeda affiliated group operating there and the opposition generally welcomes their efforts of the concerns are there now the administration says it's rethinking arming syrian opposition fighters secretary hagel said the administration is considering a range of options he also said he personally has not decided whether it would be
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wise to provide weapons to the rebels so there is nothing definitive in those remarks at this stage but the context of recent events has created a certain momentum in this kind of momentum may end up bolstering those forces on the ground and actually result in more violence because those fighters want weapons and they want heavy weapons now president obama this week said there is proof that assad government also forces if used chemical weapons in syria that would be quote again and changer again he says the u.s. had evidence that the weapons were used but had no conclusive evidence to tie it to the assad government right now both the rebels and outside forces blaming each other for the alleged chemical attack in the middle of march in aleppo the syrian government requested the u.n. to send a mission to investigate the incident but u.n. fact finding team has been on standby and ready to deploy but then the u.n. chief appears to have changed his plans for the investigation there's russia's
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foreign minister with more on that. syrian government. deploy its you doing this to . the secretary general state to use reduce. do this but a couple of days later she sent a letter to the syrian government demanding a nexus for the international experts to all territory to the entire its director of syria as well as access to in a site and any person this team would like to talk to or to visit and this is something which really defeats the purpose of immediate and sarah investigation into a specific reported case of the use of chemical substances to have. in your sights to any person in syria. resembles very much the security council resolutions regarding iraq and we all remember the end of that story so now instead of investigating
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a concrete incident the un want access to all sites and this inquiry as well to answer off the occupation thing to the center of a possible plan for weapons of mass destruction where he faces the growth of iraq the fear again is that politics may get ahead of fact. rebels armed by the u.s. could end up turning their weapons on america's that's according to independent research or so ryan already said that that you shared even in washington. disappointed that the game has not fallen fast enough and it had always been the intention not only dismantle the syrian army all render it useless but for abstractly and this isn't happening in order to boost support for invention we need to come up with all sorts of stories such as use of chemical weapons former cia operatives all sort of bloke the united states has a band-aid policy we will take care of something today not think about what's
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happening tomorrow and every time the population in america the americans there be victimized as a result of blowback it's not the people that start these wars start the arms and they continue to win a major corporations that are funding these words so you know the american people in a sense are almost as much. as the people in this part that have been subjected to these grand this. things that are going on on the ground there and it will come back to bite the bullet and this comes as opposition activists claim there's been another massacre by government forces according to unconfirmed reports at least fifty people were killed during an assault on a village on the country's mediterranean coast state without a the latest from the syrian conflict. it's a happy day for euro skeptics across britain after the u.k. independence party stole the show at another british byelection the group that
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seeks britain's was droll from the european union in second in south shields and they've perceived as a staggering result considering u.k.i.p. didn't even stand in the constituency in the last general election on his point to point our poll. south shields used to be the seat of former labor foreign minister david miliband and it was seen as a real litmus test for how people are feeling at the moment and labor managed to keep hold of that seat but with ukip nipping at their heels so they've come in second and it's significant because what it shows is a pattern is emerging over the past six months you can't have come second in four by elections most notably in eastley very recently and it's showing that you can't this was a party that was until very recently seen as marginal one senior conservative minister described it described them as clowns only very very recently but it looks like they're having the last last this is a party that's notably euro skeptic they want to see britain out of the european
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union they're not happy with the way that brussels dictates policies for the u.k. how much money the u.k. treasury forks out for the european commission every month and the fact that they've got such gains shows how fed up with british people are with the political status quo in this country the pattern emerging is very clear the ruling coalition parties the conservatives i'm a liberal democrats have sustained losses in council seats quite significant ones in fact labor have made slight gains nothing to write home about this was really the night of the u.k. independence party why the count so far they looks like they've gained an average of over twenty six percent of the vote in the wards where they were represented in so overnight we've seen a real change to the british political landscape because there are now going to be ukip councillors all over the u.k. some might end up holding quite significant power and it's you know this is a party as i said it was seen as
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a very marginal until very recently it was the place none of the above party the place where people launched their protest vote because they were so fed up with the established status quo that the lib dems the can. it is and the labor party but that has all changed overnight we've seen nigel farage the leader of the claim dependents party appearing on television this morning saying he's delighted with the results so far that he's he says that it really shows that ukip is a long lasting political party their success hasn't been short term and the chairman of the conservative party this morning had to concede that clearly their party is failing to get their message across and they're going to have a think about what they can do to change that. and for more analysis on our joined live by broadcaster and columnist john gaunt john gone don't welcome to the program so what does a u.k.i.p.
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is rising popularity say about this state over just politics at the moment. british politics is a sore story that's echoed across europe at the moment ordinary people working citizens are fertile the political elites and the political establishment who have been running the country for the past thirty or forty years ukip was a protest party just about being a member of the european union overnight has become a fully fledged political party people are just fed up with the traditional conservatives live and labor and what's happened is they've said right we've had enough we need change and that change is going to be delivered by nigel for our view and ukip ukip is a party that is fiercely proud. it's a party that speaks about commonsense politics and this is obviously resonated with voters both in shelf fields in the byelection but also in the county council elections where they're sweeping into power in councils all over the united kingdom
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and i know you've just only recently joined u.k.i.p. yourself what led you what led you to such a decision so probably you're disillusioned with mainstream politics yourself as here i mean i've been a social commentator. being a radiophone and a columnist on the biggest selling newspaper in the world the sun and i've never told people how to vote i've never told people which way i vote but it comes a time in your life when you realize your country is going to the dogs if you understand that expression and i felt that i had to do something so i joined a party for the first time ever a political party and i'm telling other people to join you. it's going to fastest growing membership i think but ten thousand new members on in the last couple of months because what people want is a party that's going to put the united kingdom first so they want things like they want to get out of the european union which clearly costs fifty two pounds a day to be a member of they want to have control over their own borders we want to hold him a gratian and drastically reduce immigration over the next five years in favor of
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stronger defense policies and you can also go policies on education and it's kind of a commonsense manifesto and the kind of feeling that. like other politicians and david cameron famously said he was a bitch for audrey's all. reaction was yes i am because i've actually had a proper job and if that's what resonates with people are professional politicians who are just further in the us they want people to come from all walks of life you have normal jobs. in the kingdom in a different way that's what's happened and as i say it's no longer just a protest vote this is a vote for change and the u.k. is going to go into fundamental change over the next few years. he referred to him a former home secretary he turned around and. before will it cameron who is the prime minister of the moment he said that ukip were basically
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a bunch of fruitcakes loonies and closet racists if that was the case mr cameron was the case mr clarke let me show you send in the. sounds because the clowns of the rides and you lot can get you snow out of the trough because the british people want different kind of leadership and that leadership is coming from for arch and it's coming from you to the party that i support is a massive noise hard to underestimate what actually happened overnight knowledge of fraud said there could be a political earthquake adroitly it right here mentioning that can clog recently called a collection of clowns right despite and her and rising popularity does the party still have an image problem though it's got a slight image problem mainly because the press has beat against you before because cain plots been allowed to come out with the nonsense that he came out with but let me tell you the british people are too clever they said there was juge seen through
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this the insults that were thrown this weekend actually lead to a two percent roi as in ukip and knowledge of popularity people are fed up of established listens further and there are nets and this is what this vote is about they want changes us a smear of raj across europe if you look at other countries for example italy what's happened there recently happening in spain the e.u. is breaking up there is a political change coming and i think nigel for arjun i think you can can deliver that change so i think really this morning the people who are looking foolish the people looking like clowns are mr cameron and mr clarke and also if you treat the british public would just respect and turn around and say you know if you vote for these people they're close it racist or this etc etc the british people see through this and the british people have delivered a verdict to the political establishment from our verdict is they want change they want commonsense policies and they want. to gain more power and you've got to remember this is a massive thing that's happened overnight twenty six percent at the moment of all
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votes that were cast yesterday twenty six percent went to ukip this was a party as you say now wasn't taken very seriously before but over noises. because of the political poetry in this country the live. at dead and buried there's a new political gang in town and it's led by our knowledge and for all the real democrats are now beginning to think we've got your point thank you very much john go on brokaw style and columnist thank you very much indeed for your thoughts. this is all see and still ahead forced to cross the line. along. i needed a few hundred euros for medication and also we had no food at all this is why both of the money that was stolen. approaching things mana runs the bank after we're done the same left him unable to afford the medical bills for his wife he's suffering from and kyogle disease that story is coming up after the break.
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well. science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. it also gives you a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged markham is a big picture. it is.
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this is all he welcomes. iraq could be undergoing one awaits was crisis as they were trawl of u.s. soldiers at the end of twenty eleven the united nations says more than seven hundred people were killed in the country last month and more than sixteen hundred injured most of the dead is came in late april and deadly clashes between security forces and sunni protesters in care could be incidents sparked a wave of violence that's quickly spread to other areas the iraqi government is growing by corruption and political unrest with calls for prime minister nuri al maliki to resign many theistic terror intentions could escalate and see every turn
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to full blown war please this account and some is now they impact over national struggles on the lines of ordinary iraqis. bombs may still haunt baghdad but these young men are more concerned with burning the rubber in a country where daily life. based on trying to avoid the dangers these are iraqis are turning to danger as a way to avoid reality tasting the thrill of speed and testing the authorities it's an unexpected sight in post-war iraq the really fun a grim statistic half of the country's growing youth population is unable to find work. the biggest problem is financial support everyone is constantly trying to find work but in baghdad there are very few jobs and myself i'm unemployed. ten years after the war a lie but iraq is full of contradictions but for young men like omar the motorcycle
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is one way to escape the daily press variations of life here in iraq the running of the engine and taking on uncertain future. adrenaline may be one way of coping with uncertainty but not for salva hasan hussein she now spends most of her days at home with her daughters trying to rebuild a life shattered by corruption in the household chores are a far cry from her former career as a journalist but she's too scared to return to work she had been investigating corruption and prison abuses when she herself was detained and thrown behind bars the charges have been dropped but the family have to sell nearly everything they own is just to cover the thousands of dollars in bribes to secure her release. in this country money can buy you can buy your high position and his can buy you freedom and if you get accused of something in iraq you could be executed just because you can't afford to pay to save your life it was
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a year long ordeal that by her account involved beatings and sexual assault she says that she's become a victim of the same corruption she once tried to expose. from victims to victors in a country better known for violence and divisions this youth football school is one of the few bright spots that stands out sunni shia and christian kids play here on the same for. and that's exactly why the school was opened a fourteen year old doesn't like to talk about the day his father was killed instead he spent his time training on the field hoping to one day play on iraq's national football team but for now a more pressing desire. so i wondered i want the security situation to become peaceful elsewhere maybe one or two people are curious to be him many people are killed every day but explosions and even better things so i want to rock to become safe like other countries. it's
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a wish that's undoubtedly echoed all across iraq for the past decade left nearly everyone with a tragic story to tell and yet somehow life goes on you see catherine of our team. time now for some other stories making headlines around the world today a u.s. refueling plane has crashed near the border between occur guests on context on there's been no reports of any casualties on the ground all building being hit but rescue teams are still trying to determine what happened to the four crew members the final one down shortly after taking off from the u.s. airbase in manassas which is used to resupply nato forces in afghanistan the crash comes just days after an american cargo plane one down in afghanistan killing all seven people on board. also they have prosecutor in the murder case of pakistan's former prime minister benazir bhutto has been shot dead in the country's capital childfree zuki far was
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ambushed by gunmen on motorcycles and return to terrorism court in the garrison city of pindi on tuesday they called someone to pakistan's former president peres a shard of a charge of failing to provide adequate security for bhutto the country's first and so far only female prime minister was killed in two thousand and seven. rather hardline salafi islam is to have tried to break into the headquarters of egypt's security service in cairo police fired tear gas and how to drive protesters away salafist waved a black and white are kind of dragged out chanted slogans against the president they accuse him of building a security state no different from battle ousted leader hosni mubarak it showcases only rift within egypt islam is community which has largely supported the current. the sinai brothers the suspects in the boston marathon bombings originally planned
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to carry out that during u.s. independence day celebrations the surviving a sibling and your heart told interrogators the duo decided to strike after completing their bombs sooner than expected meanwhile the body of john haas brother tommy land has been released to his family he died after being run down by his brother following a huge police manhunt explosions at the marathon killed three people and wounded more than two thousand two hundred. the european central bank has cut interest rates to an all time low of zero point five percent in a bid to boost the euro zone's failing economies meanwhile record unemployment and constant layoffs in the most dead bird of the countries of europe are forcing some people to resort to extremes. of i found out. portugal is certainly beautiful but its current financial woes are making it a living hell for some with one portuguese man claiming that the crisis has driven
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him to trying. to work for over thirty years in construction before being laid off today he's a convicted bank robber no money. i needed a few hundred euros for medication also we had no food at home this is what i bought and the money that was stolen i think about a thousand euros. turned to crime after he couldn't afford to pay the medical bills for his now ex-wife who suffers from m.s. . by own branch because of what they did to me he gave me loans and crazy interest rates so as have to take more lands to pay for they robbed me so i robbed i'm not pride but i think the state forced me into the business so what's going through your head as you're walking down here knowing that you're about to commit a crime. and i had a small plastic toy guns that moment as i was approaching the bank i saw a policeman nearby there was a bag near the street so i said to the caucus should check it out i hope this would be obstruction then i went into the bank and did what i did it was all over in five minutes. just keyboard what he needed then turned himself into the police after
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spending a year behind bars part of the conditions of his release that he maintains a twenty meter distance from the bank on the remains angry with the portuguese government who he says are encouraging this type of behavior with an unfair welfare system saying. it's so disgusting their mentality they give me nothing when i needed it most in the now that i've broken the law and i'm on their radar they give me help they don't notice people unless they get into trouble also. concerns echoed by those who represent the rights of workers in portugal. the government worries more about pleasing germany than looking after its own people there is a lot of anger out there and the more people think they aren't getting a fair. deal the more this anger snowball this is the danger of keeping people in the limits of poverty. portugal has high unemployment and crippling
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debt so one hundred eighty billion euro around one hundred twenty percent of your production at the end of the crisis is certainly nowhere in sight asked if he feels remorse for his crime i do still it's very clear. to them are i feel remorse for what i did to the bankers and really scared the hell out of them so forgetting what i needed any way i could. i don't feel the slightest bit sorry for taking from the role of the lisbon. head to our website for more on the stories we're covering or not see plus at r.t. dot com you can find out why it's on this side of the french president also go out for say more than a thousand bottles are expected to fetch up to a quarter of a million euros but some of that money is set to prop up this state struggling finances find out how much needs to be spent to sip some of it is a palace wine online. and two decades behind bars the punishment a u.s.
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high school student could get for some of his facebook posts labeling labeled as disturbing verbiage by painting. with a mass hunger strike a gun time of day nearing the end of its third month pressure is being stepped up on president obama to deliver on his no running pledge to close the notorious the city itself he's going to check out sits down with a member of a key thing time which has slammed washington's treatment of the detainees that torture. famous american political figure ron paul has decided to create his own liberty in that homeschooling curriculum at. paul curriculum back to give parents not turn of the standard public education you know when i was a kid homeschooling was only for like the kids of wackos and cultists if you met someone who was homeschooled you always look at them with some sort of suspicion
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like what's with that kid with what's with his parents i mean who would home school their kids well let's look at it this way who would grow their own food when american supermarkets are stocked with pure healthy and natural food the problem is that food in stores is now loaded up with all sorts of mystery chemicals and g m o's and it makes perfect sense that nowadays people are in droves starting to grow their own food and this logic applies to education too when public education becomes so dismal it is perfectly logical and reasonable to try to educate your kids yourself the no child left behind program did a fine job of making the american education system lower the bar down to the very basement of the lowest common denominator i mean if you think there should be more in a high school graduates had besides reading right now to riff material that homeschooling might be for you as art sports and music and science programs all across the nation to the lack of funding is ron paul's libertarian curriculum what's best for your kids hey i can't say but it's definitely worth taking a look at other alternatives given the d.
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minus quality of public education nowadays but that's just my opinion. a legal research and advocacy group called the constitution project has produced a sweeping six hundred page report on u.s. interrogation and detention practices in the years after nine eleven the task force concluded that quote it is indisputable that the u.s. engages in the practice of torture and that the nation's highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for that they also found no quote no for more persuasive
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evidence that these interrogation methods produced valuable information that could not have been obtained by other beings present and former u.s. government officials who are part of the task force with me today the best that i james jones or co-chaired the group was also a former pastor to mexico sir thank you so much for coming good to be with you thank you president obama at the very beginning of his presidency signed an executive order to stop torture but human rights organizations say indefinite detention itself is torture is it fair to say that the obama administration is engaged in torture now i don't think so i think he made a lot of good moves when he came into office our situation our conclusion is doing things by executive order can be changed by the next president very easily and so the kinds of protections human rights protections that we're talking about should be done by the congress and should be part of the statutory. part of the you know laws of the united states not just executive order but yes it's much better than it
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was we still have some concerns about policy on the drones for example but the kinds of abuses that we found over the years since the nine eleven do not seem to be practiced these days what about indefinite detention without is this one where the were the our task force was unanimous we. just do not believe that it fits into the laws and ethics and values of america to have. indefinite detention and to not allow a court of law and adjudication of charges against a person to be to go through an orderly process more than half of those detainees at guantanamo currently have already been cleared by the u.s. government that means all the intelligence the military the law enforcement and all the agencies involved have said there's no reason to hold these people and they
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still are indefinitely being detained in guantanamo we feel very strongly that they ought to be released and they are and that should be done immediately and the president we've called on the president to tell his secretary of defense to issue that exact that order to release the defense lawyers argue that even with the transfer of restrictions in place the law even now allows for the administration to use waivers to lease some of these men and yet those waivers are not being used why probably politics comes into that. everything that. the loyal opposition wants to criticize the administration for being soft on terrorism or things like that so i think all those things go into the decision i don't know personally about being soft on the rule of law no i agree with that that's our position that we should we should meticulously follow the rule of law that's what
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we preach all over the world we preach our values and we have actually prosecuted similar cases. against other countries who have not followed what we say we ought to do and we're not practiced we're not following and practicing what we're preaching and i think that should that should be stopped but what i'm saying is this is a highly political thing and the only reason i can figure out why you are that one of the administration is not releasing those for which they have no case whatsoever is that. it's politic politics in what sense can you explain it. well sometimes politics doesn't make any sense it's the charge that well the fear that if you release some of these prisoners that have been accused of being terrorist in the past and they do something else or you find them going into
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terrorist organizations you pay a heavy political price for that and i think that's that has to be the only the only reason why there are not released so many of these men have fallen victim not just to capture it but now to u.s. politicians assumptions of what they may or may not do do you think the u.s. is acting on fears in a song rather than what's lawful or not well i don't want to comment on. what do i believe the administration is or isn't doing for what reason but what we try to do in our panel in our task force was to find those things that we could either by interviews or public information ascertain is accurate and what we've found is that and what we concluded was indefinite detention is people more than half of those that want on a mo should not continue but do you think it's a form of torture indefinite detention why i think they're i don't know that
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there's a legal definition of that but i think there's been expressed by many ethicist that to to have. indefinite detention with no prospects for being released is is a form of torture and does lead to things like the hunger strikes and things like that . currently to the defense lawyers it seems like an impasse and what will change the status quo in your opinion but i think there are a couple of things number one there. legal processes that they can go through and i think that some of the. legal defenses are being prepared to present time the other is is just politics itself the appeal to the better instincts of the united states to peel to our sense of values to our sense of ethical has to appeal well i think you are have to develop
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a constituency for this one of the reasons we put out this report and have. disseminated quite widely is for those organizations or people or leaders or politicians or public officials who believe as we do that we have a value system that has to be upheld they will get active in this and they will start creating a sense of. we have to do what's right and that leads to political decisions that go in the right direction up until this point. it's been sort of covered up we haven't talked about it all we've talked about or that is the terrorism itself those who have been detained we assume and this is again against our principles and against our legal eagle legal. history we are presuming that they're guilty of something even though we can't prove it and that's just the opposite of what our rule of law says that you're presumed innocent until proven guilty. this hunger
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strike do you think it will make a difference. well it might. i i i obviously wish they didn't have the hunger strike i think it's not only bad and has permanent damage to those who are participating in it damages the united states. around the world and our reputation. but. i don't know if it's going to make a difference or not. what if someone dies but i think it's terrible it's terrible particularly if it's some. one who has been precluded by all of our government agencies and should have been released i think that's a terrible black eye for the united states. the new york times has recently published the plea over yemeni national who's been imprisoned at guantanamo without charges of any kind for more than eleven years and here's what he writes no one seriously thinks i'm a threat but still i'm here here's
7:37 am
a go the military said i was a guard for osama bin laden but this was nonsense like something out of the american movies i used to watch they don't even seem to believe it anymore but they don't seem to care how long i sit here either the only reason i'm still here is that president obama refuses to send any detainees back to gammon this makes no sense i'm a human being not a passport and i deserve to be treated like one this is the yemeni. the new york times of course deserves credit for probably this letter of despair of this man but it seems unless it's on t.v. unless it's part of a national discussion national conversation few will actually know and care about that why is it not part of the national conversation well nobody's taken it on that's happened in the civil rights legislation i was in the johnson white house and it took. many years before we were able to get a constituency is as we have done wrong by our african american the whole americans
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and we need to change a word here they were in their face and they want detainees or nobody seems to care or understand that but. the undocumented immigrants they were here but nobody seemed to care about them until just recently we're going to get an immigration bill i think that's going to be fair to the immigrants who are here both legally and illegally all i'm saying is when you when you ask me to win votes and those are go uncommonly detainee's for. also will not go away for a political victory or any political scores it seems so they just nobody thinks to be interested in that well there that's what i'm saying is until you highlight and publicize and put spotlight on the kinds of treatments they're getting you're not going to have anything done and it's happened in every movement in the united states history where there have been injustices then you first of all have to
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acknowledge the injustice you then have to start developing a dialogue of the people of the united states who then demand political action be taken to correct those injustices and then i think that's what's going to happen here but your first of all you have to. you have to show what what we had done was wrong as far as renditions a number of countries like canada apologized offered compensations to former detainees face lawsuits had to settle for millions of dollars for their secret service involvement in the renditions of those detainees think u.k. is an example why wouldn't the u.s. do that. as i understand it we suspended some of the international treaties that president reagan had actually proposed twenty five years ago the un convention against torture. inhumane treatment degree treatment etc.
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and in those particular legal documents you do have means of redressing the wrongs that were made if we restore our our here to those particular laws treaties there will be an ability to have injustices redressed with with damages and what have you and something i found very interesting after all these rendition cases the u.k. court of appeals ruled that the government could not assert state secrets or use states. evidence in its defense stating that quote allegations of wrongdoing had to be heard in public but that's the u.k. and i want to ask you about the whys what kind of a message does it send when you pull out the state secrets card to shut down all. this related lawsuits but you sent to jail the person who pulled the whistle on torture well we addressed that in the report to
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a certain degree because for example lithuania and poland both were initiating investigations as to the black sites that were that were in those two countries and whether there was torture and treatment this maltreatment of prisoners there are detainees there and the united states has not cooperated with that under the so-called state secrets. and we have suggested that we should cooperate with our countries there. and that's one of the recommendations that our report. not to use the states now and there are ways to to cooperate and to give information without harm either personnel. under the state secrets doctrine or particular treaty relationship with other countries but
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we're not cooperating old understanding thank you very much sir ok thank you. wealthy british style. is not on. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. committee speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see been trying. to find out more visit our big t.v. show it's called.
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